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About Us

Adding excellence to your natural environment

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Our Story

My name is Urs Hinden, proprietor of Planter Boxes by Design.

Our planter boxes are cost effective as there are no bricks, concrete or tanking involved. They are easy to install or relocate. Some of their characteristics are lightweight, no rusting and space saving.

All planter boxes are in 3 mm aluminium with a top rim 40 mm x 25 mm to get strength, a good look and feel.

All Planter boxes are made to your sizes and your specific needs.

Our planter boxes are all fully welded to be water proof, so there is no need for tanking.

They are powder undercoated and powder coated to any powder coat colour.

For drainage of the planter boxes one drill’s hole if required at the bottom, or a plumber can connect them as required.

We can supply adjustable spacers to get the planters off the ground.
If you need wall hangers we can fabricate them to your needs.

Call us on 0419 308 802 if you need any other information or send us a message on our Contact page.

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